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About us

„Once, there was a boy who liked to play with cars. Tirelessly he spent hours moving sand across the garden from the flowers to the well and from the well to the old willow. He kept this passion for cars as he grew and when he planted a tree, built a house and sired a son, he persuaded his father to start a transport company together.

22. 11. 1991 JAN ŠPATENKA A SYN was founded.

Today we have satisfied customers almost across the whole EU. We are transporting goods using latest models from Volvo, Iveco and Fiat. All our cars meet the strict Euro 5 / Euro 6 emission standards and are equipped with continuous GPS tracking. Our drivers are true professionals and we can call them Master Drivers with ease. Together with our dispatchers, we have a well-rounded team of people, and our company meets ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards. We are one big family.“

- Jan Špatenka, 3rd generation -

ISO 9001:2015

Our services

International and domestic transport

  • Transport of goods to Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, France and the Baltic States
  • Transport of safe goods by STANDARD and MEGA tautliners
  • Transport of safe goods by SOLO trucks up to the height of goods 3m
  • Transport of steel by COIL MULDA tautliners with 8.5 m long recess bed
  • Express delivery by vans
  • Transport LTL shipment (less than load)
  • Transport of dangerous goods under ADR
  • Transport in JUST IN TIME regime
  • GPS tracking of vehicles 24/7
  • Carrier's liability insurance under the CMR Convention up to CZK 10 million

Spedition services

  • We will find the most suitable market offer for your shipment
  • We arrange any transport of LTL shippment or full-loads within the EU
  • We work only with contracted and checked carriers
  • Insurance of cargo up to CZK 10 mil.

Groupage service

  • We are specialists in the groupage service to Slovenia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
  • Daily departures to Slovenia and Croatia
  • The combination of LTL (less than load) shipments saves you transport costs and is environmentally friendly

Own petrol station

  • Public petrol station and bistro in Librice near Hradec Kralove
  • The highest quality fuel tested by our fleet of vehicles
  • Sales of fuel to other carriers
  • Current prices - check
  • Opening hours: daily 6:00 - 22:00

Company fleet


11x Tilt tautliner - Mega

  • 34 pallets
  • 3 m
  • 100 m3
  • LDM 13,6 m

6x Tilt tautliner - Standard

  • 34 pallets
  • 2,8 m
  • 90 m3
  • LDM 13,6 m

5x Tilt tautliner - Coil Mulda

  • 34 pallets
  • 2,8 m
  • 90 m3
  • LDM 13,6 m
  • long recess bed 8500mm

Tilt solo trucks


  • 20 pallets
  • 2,8 m
  • up to 7,4 t
  • LDM 8,2 m

4x VOLVO – Standard

  • 21 pallets
  • 2,8 m
  • up to 15 t
  • LDM 8,5 m

3x VOLVO – Mega

  • 21 pallets
  • 3 m
  • up to 15 t
  • LDM 8,5 m

Express transport

2x FIAT Ducato

  • 7+7 pallets
  • up to 3 t

2x IVECO Daily

  • 7+8 pallets
  • up to 3,5 t


Jan Špatenka a syn, spol. s.r.o.

Libřice 91, 503 44 Libřice, Czech Republic
VAT ID: CZ42195497

Jan Špatenka


Ing. Jan Špatenka

CEO - transport Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Bohumil Kotlant

Full truck load shipping

Miroslav Patrný

LTL transport - Croatia, Slovenia

Monika Hrudíková

LTL transport - Croatia, Slovenia

Simona Chobotová

LTL transport - Croatia, Slovenia

Kateřina Hofmanová DiS.

Spedition – transport Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Petra Khomová DiS.

Accounting department

Dagmar Hrubá

Invoicing, accounting department

Libřice gas station

Open daily 6:00 - 22:00

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